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about nmf

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by scents and their ability to transport us and enhance our experiences. One of the magical things about our sense of smell is the path it weaves through our memories. More than sight, sound, touch, or taste, smell has the ability to conjure memory on a visceral level, taking us back in time and allowing us to experience cherished moments again.

For many years I’ve worked with my individual clients to create fragrances that connect them with their own happy memories, with the desire that those fragrances also become the source for future memories. I consider it a privilege to share my love of fragrances with others. Nothing makes me happier than connecting my passion for perfumes with the wonderful people who appreciate them.

For me, fragrances are like dreams. I look for an emotional response, a connection. Fragrances are a reflection of life and should be filled with zest, so I work to compose unusual, exotic, and memorable aromas to help inspire dreams.

I hope that you will share my passion and get excited about trying new scents: be daring, experiment, and have fun! Embrace fragrance as another way to express your inner self!

bottles of fragrance

our retail line

Over the years I’ve created a catalog of over one hundred fragrances, most inspired by my own personal experiences and memories. From that catalog, I’ve chosen six of my favorites to share with you.

Each fragrance is non-gender specific, so don’t get caught up with labels! You may like what you discover!

To learn more about our retail line of fragrances, please visit the NMF fragrances section of our site.

Neil Morris demonstrating a fragrance to a customer

custom fragrances

Each of us is unique—we have our own look, our own style, our own life experiences. Imagine being able to express that uniqueness with a fragrance that is totally your own.

My passion for beautiful fragrances began over thirty years ago when I started blending custom perfumes for family, friends and personal clients. With decades of exploration, refinement, and inspiration from top perfumers, I’ve developed a process and approach to fragrance design that allows me to create fragrances that truly express the individuality of my clients.

Please visit the custom fragrances section of our site to find out more about designing your own custom fragrance (or one for someone special).