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why a custom fragrance?

We all have our personal styles and ways of expressing our uniqueness, but a custom fragrance expresses your individuality in a way that truly can’t be duplicated.

Men and women from all walks of life have sought my expertise in blending custom fragrances. Many are fragrance enthusiasts who want to stand apart from the crowd. Some come because they’ve never been able to find just the right combination of scents that work with their body chemistry.

When creating a custom fragrance, my goal is to link the brain’s centers that relate scent and emotion. Fragrance bypasses all filters and travels directly to the limbic system, the oldest part of the brain where our deepest memories are stored. None of the other senses can compare to the sense of smell in its uncanny ability to elicit deep emotional responses from our memories. This is the source of my inspiration.

bottles of fragrance

the custom fragrance experience

A consultation takes an hour to an hour and a half, beginning with a questionnaire that will help lead us in the perfect “scent” direction for you. I then choose a selection of appropriate aromas from a collection of over 700 fragrances for you to sample. After you’ve chosen the aromas you find most appealing, I build the fragrance directly on your skin—drop-by-drop—until it becomes the right scent for you!

The formula that you have inspired and worked to create will be recorded and kept on file. In the future when you need more of your custom fragrance, simply contact us to order more. You also may order body lotion and bath gel in your signature fragrance.

Neil Morris with a customer

where does it happen?

Consultations are generally held at my fragrance studio in Boston’s Back Bay where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea in the living room setting while we create your individual fragrance. I also have a portable fragrance studio available if you would prefer to have me come to you.

can I give this as a gift?

Yes. A custom fragrance is the ideal gift for the “person who has everything” or to celebrate a birthday, engagement or anniversary. It’s also a great and unique way to say thank you.

Wedding party

The night before her rehersal dinner, Tara introduced me to her seven birdesmaids, each selected for that special place they hold in her life. I worked with each of them to create her own perfume as the ultimate thank you from Tara for a lifetime fo friendship and love.

fragrance parties

Share the experience of creating a custom fragrance with your closest friends. A fragrance party allows you and up-to-four friends to each have your own fragrance created in a fun and intimate environment. Spend a few hours together for an abridged version of the custom fragrance experience at my studio, or I can bring my traveling studio to you. At the end, you will each leave with your own unique fragrance, as well some additional insight into one another’s favorite memories.

scents for events

I can also blend custom scents to commemorate special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Please contact for further details.

To schedule an appointment for your personal fragrance design consultation or to purchase a gift certificate, please email us at