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Creating fragrances is one of the greatest joys I know. I am also constantly creating fragrances that come to me through varied inspirations. I hope you find these fragrances exciting, unusual and beautiful.

Neil Morris Signature Collection

Over the years I have created a catalog of over one hundred fragrances, most inspired by my own personal experiences and memories. From that catalog, I’ve chosen eight of my favorites to share with you.

Each fragrance is non-gender specific, so don’t get caught up with labels! You may like what you discover!

The Vault

The Vault offers fragrance lovers the opportunity to explore and experience truly rare fragrances. These fragrances are only available on our website.

Neil Morris for Takashimaya New York

I am honored to have been asked by Takashimaya New York to create a fragrance especially for them. I wanted to create a scent that would encompass the beauty amd serenity of the Japanese culture and also incorporate the stylish sophistication of Fifth Avenue.

Custom Fragrances

Each of us is unique—we have our own look, our own style, our own life experiences. Imagine being able to express that uniqueness with a fragrance that is totally your own.

My passion for beautiful fragrances began over thirty years ago when I started blending custom perfumes for family, friends and personal clients. With decades of exploration, refinement, and inspiration from top perfumers, I’ve developed a process and approach to fragrance design that allows me to create fragrances that truly express the individuality of my clients.